Going solar could have big benefits for your home’s efficiency. See how solar panels could save you money, increase your home’s value and help the environment.

1. Save Money on Utilities

Solar panels reduce your dependence on traditional electric grid systems. You’ll likely see a decrease in your power bills after adding solar because you’re using less electricity from the grid.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Aside from cost savings, most homeowners choose to go solar as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional power sources like coal. The production, delivery and installation of solar panels generally produce fewer emissions than running a home on the grid over a long period of time. Once installed, solar panels on your home create no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy provides one of the few clean energy sources readily available to consumers. This makes it an ideal option for homeowners who wish to reduce their carbon footprints.

3. Personal Power Source

Have you ever experienced a blackout due to storms, a natural disaster or maintenance by the power company? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to rely on a power company to keep your appliances running and devices powered? You get to enjoy independence from a power company with solar panels. Your level of off-grid independence usually depends on how your system is set up. A solar panel system that includes a battery backup allows you to store excess solar energy collected by your panels. Your solar battery can kick on and start powering your home in the event of a blackout. In some cases, power companies might allow you to sell your solar energy back into the grid. They are even making electric vehicles that will also serve as a battery backup to your home.

4. Renewable Power

Not only does clean energy from solar panels help the environment by reducing carbon emissions, but it also provides you with an infinite source of power. The sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Solar energy is already hitting your property almost every day. Installing solar panels lets you take advantage of that power.

5. Rebates, Incentives and Tax Savings

You might be able to save money on your solar panel system through rebates and incentives. Many state and local governments offer tax savings for homeowners who choose to install solar panels. You could also potentially save money through federal government programs that encourage homeowners to go solar. We provide specials and incentives to help reduce the initial cost of solar panels.

6. Increased Home Value

Do you think you’ll sell your home in the future? Adding solar panels might help you generate interest from buyers and increase the overall value of your home. A solar panel system generally increases the value of a home. Many potential buyers enjoy the idea of a home that is eco-friendly and self-reliant. Also, buyers are willing to increase the price they’ll pay for a home because it’s usually less expensive to buy a home with solar panels rather than adding them later. Unlike many home upgrades, solar panels always see a positive return on investment. Not only will you probably save money on electricity costs, but you could get money back when you sell the house.

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