Solar Homes of America Summer Savings Promotion

Record breaking heat waves are ripping the southwest of the country. Become part of the solution today and avoid the problems in the future!!

If you’re wondering what you can do to help mitigate climate change and the warming we’re experiencing, climatologists encourage you to think long-term.

The more carbon we emit into the atmosphere, the hotter the atmosphere will get. Solar is a significant way to reduce your carbon footprint that will help.

America was built on Independence & Freedom. Give your home and family energy Independence & Freedom from the utility grid and massive rate hikes. The grid stability is being attacked by weather and hackers leaving your family vulnerable to a complete loss of power. Solar gives you the peace of mind that you are independent and free from these attacks.

Everything is going electric, and the cost for power is steadily increasing.

Make the switch to solar with Solar Homes of America and receive a $1,000 cash rebate.

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