1. FREE Consultation

One of our experienced consultants will provide you the information you need. We understand everyone's knowledge of solar panels and energy consumption is different. We make sure to lay out all options and incentives. Our objective here is to help clear up any bad information and make sure the homeowner fully understands all aspects of going solar other than just savings. Everyone's home is different in its consumption of energy. Rest assured after our free consultation you will have all the information in making a confident decision that solar is right for your home and we are the right company to manage the project.

2. System Design

After your initial consultation, our design team will create a custom system that will maximize your savings. We work closely with the best engineers in the industry in designing solar systems.

3. Permitting

We work with your local jurisdiction to ensure that the permitting process goes smoothly. We personally handle all of the required city and local utility permits and paperwork. There is nothing to be done by you. We fully manage this process while updating you on dates and milestones moving the project along.

4. Installation

Our highly skilled professionals will install your system with attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the industry. Enjoy your Solar energy fully warrantied for 25 years.

5. Turn-on Consultation

After your solar panels and system is installed and operating, our team will give you all the details of what it is doing (system production) and how to take advantage of energy programs that are available in your city and state. Also, we consult with you on future consumption and energy efficiency strategies. Most other solar companies will just install a system and leave it to the homeowner to figure things out. We value our future relationships with homeowners. You will never be just a sale or system to us. You are part of the team.

Want to learn more on how much you can benefit by going Solar?

Contact us today, and one of our Solar experts will get in touch and help you with all your Solar related questions.

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