Solar Savings

After all, we all want to save money. So how much will you save is the question. One thing to keep in mind is that every home and every homeowners consumption of energy is so different. So to to just be able to give a definitive number is not possible without all the proper values of the equation.  After our design experts match your prior years consumption to the system size required to offset your consumption we then will be able to give you a savings amount.  Most homeowners are saving on an average of $50K-$100K in future power costs and incentives. 

When you go solar, you can expect lower power bills. Most people who decide to go solar use a combination of solar power and standard utilities, however, any energy you cut out of your utilities is energy you are paying at a reduced rate. Not only that but any energy you aren’t using can effectively be sold back to the utility agency, often in the form of an energy credit called net metering.

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