Dale Grodski

Las Vegas, NV

“Purchased my 14.6 KW Solar Panel system from Solar Homes of America in March 2021. I was very surprised on how clean & simple the installation was. The system has worked flawlessly since the installation and actually over producing the value I purchased. Rich Carrizzo was so helpful from start to finish, and even has consulted with us in other programs that are available to solar owners. So far, I haven’t spent a dime on electricity and approximately 1/4 of my power goes back into the electrical grid. Planning on purchasing an electric or hybrid auto so I can charge the car with the power that goes back into the grid. Best Investment I have ever made.”

Jon & Becky Orsman

Las Vegas, NV

“I looked into solar panels for a few years before I decided to meet with some of the more highly rated companies to see what the options there were and how the logistics of purchasing a solar system worked. Solar Homes of America, and Rich Carrizzo exceeded all of my expectations. He explained everything intelligently making complete sense and went over every aspect of the process and was there every step of the way for any questions my wife and I could think of. After we decided to have the system installed, the most important concerns we had were the power production of the system and the aesthetics of the system. Rich took the time with us to size the correct number of panels for our needs while arranging the panels in the most aesthetically manner possible. The installation crew was amazing, worked quickly, and neatly; and the system has operated better than advertised since installation. Overall, my family couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Solar Homes of America and will definitely refer our family & friends.”

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